Building Brand Value


The driving core of Linebrand is to build brand value, and the first step in any process is approaching and understanding the people.

Linebrand approaches people first by listening and secondly by interpreting needs expressed around professional growth.

Linebrand has three primary customer segments:  1. Startups, 2. Successful SMEs, and 3. Partners in Strategy & Design.

1. The case of working with the founder of a Startup in a brand strategy drives the results of a crowdfunding campaign.

2. Working with an SME will see their business expand by focusing on the 20{471d8df1057e431623fdca159cd022c6e2b36d298a679e715215837304ba2986} of their customers that yield 80{471d8df1057e431623fdca159cd022c6e2b36d298a679e715215837304ba2986} of their wealth.

3. Strategy & Design partners deliver value based on Linebrand’s vision, to build awareness of self and customer segments.

What do the results look like?

1. A Startup attracts the right audience, the right funding, and the right venture capital partners to build brand value by principle.

2. SMEs target their desired customer segment and streamline their message and channels, focused on clear, attainable goals for growth.

3. Strategy & Design partners increase their throughput with growth built on shared values to form sustainable favoured partnerships.

Linebrand is built on the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit, communicated authentically through lasting values.

Connect with Linebrand through social media on and Twitter @LinebrandMBA.

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