Linebrand UX + Lineaist UI

The Linebrand Knot – A Linear and Literal Revolution for Brand Identity in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)


The Linebrand Knot is made from revolving the E and B from LINEBRAND.  The change from the E in the LINEAIST typeface to the E in LINEBRAND is a significant and literal turning point in the brand.

Lineaist represents the artistic origins of Lineaist Design which created Lineaism fine art, Lineaist Productions, and Lineaist Enterprises LLC in the USA before Lineaist became an Australian Business.

Adding a more powerful brand to Lineaist maintains the Linear nature of the draftsmanship and the meaning in the word LINE combined with BRAND to build a more searchable and intuitive identity.

The question arose, what to do with the E?  It’s right in the middle of both words, and how it stitches the two together defines the unity of Lineaist’s past with Linebrand’s future.

By reflecting and modifying the B to become an E, the word BRAND is in a way turning to admire and give recognition to Lineaist for coming first.  It’s this respect for the past that takes a great twist:

By revolving the E and B, the unity of the two brands Lineaist and Linebrand are creating a revolution and the power of the passionate red colour contrasts the corporate direction of Lineaist Design.

The resulting shape and colour of the E+B revolution is a reference to the Zhonguo Jie, or Chinese Knot, specifically the square shaped “True Love Knot” seen during marriage ceremonies.

The cultural depth and richness of this Chinese tradition pulls Linebrand closer to adding value to businesses trading in the Asia Pacific region.  The Zhonguo Jie is a symbol with many meanings that are relevant.

The Linebrand Knot aims to embody reunion, luck, harmony and love by reuniting businesses with their true identity through branding, giving them more luck, harmony and love of their work.

By offering clients a better brand through a superior user experience and expressed through the best user interface, like the red rope of the Zhonguo Jie Linebrand will express the endless circle of happy life.

The fact that Linebrand came about from a collaboration with fashion label Ampersander is equally profound, as Jonathan Blackwell of Lineaist and Angela Nash of Ampersander were later married.

The Zhonguo Jie is a brand in and of itself, traditionally signifying the form and complexity in the very traditional type of harmony that comes with marriage, also giving rise to the term “tying the knot”.

With the collaboration of Linebrand and Ampersander as an extreme example, all Linebrand clients have the opportunity to view the relationship as a source of long-term value, not unlike a marriage.

In one last inward recognition of the Lineaist origins in fine art, one of the prominent styles of Lineaism started in 2001 and is referred to as abstract expressionism.  An ongoing series of these paintings are “knots”.

Needless to say, the meaning of the Linebrand identity is not merely a completion of prequisites in building a service business on the back of Lineaist product management.  It is fulfilling the Lineaist destiny.

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